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Town of Westford, New York

PO Box 43 Westford, NY 13488 607-638-5165

Town Board Members


Walter Heinrich, Supervisor townofwestfordsupervisor@gmail.com  (607)638-5623

Council Members

Ralph  J. Ritton   (607) 638-9776

Steve Zerby (607) 638-9068

Robert L. Huntington  (607) 638-5548

Jim Feil (607) 638-9530

Town government is run by the Town Board as the executive, adminstrative and legislative body of the town. The Westford Town Board consists of a Supervisor and four Councilpersons.  Town Board members are elected officials of the town. 

The Town Supervisor performs administrative, legislative and financial duties as prescribed by the law.  He presides over all meetings of the Town Board and implements the decisions made by the Town Board.  The supervisor is the Chief Fiscal Officer of the Town and prepares the tentative budget.

The Town Board is  the executive body of the town. A majority of Town Board members present at Town Board meetings constitutes a quorum.   In this legislative body is placed the responsiblity for making the decisions for the town.  They exercise careful consideration in making important decisions which will affect the lives of town residents and businesses.


Town Board Meeting Schedule

The 2018 Town Board Meetings will be held at the Town Hall at 1812 County Highway 34 in the Hamlet of Westford on the second Monday of each month unless otherwise published. 

The regular meeting is called to order at 7:00 p.m. At the conclusion of regular business, bills will be processed. This is a reversal from previous years so that the public doesn't have to sit through the bill paying before

public business is attended to.

Town Board Meeting Agenda