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Town of Westford, New York

PO Box 43 Westford, NY 13488 607-638-5165

Interested in Joining? 

Serving on the Westford Fire Department is a rewarding way to serve your community. If you are interested in joining the Department, simply contact Chief Ritton or attend the next regular meeting (see calendar above) and request an application.

Fire Dept Officers

Ralph Ritton - Chief

Kevin Ritton - 1st Assistant Chief

Jason Ritton - 2nd Assistant Chief

Charles Effner - Captain

 Jeremy Wyckoff - Lieutenant

Adam Fiel- Secretary

Teresa Ritton - Treasurer



Active Fire Fighters

Jim Corkwell

Anthony Effner

Jamie Knapp

Lyle Morrison

Ralph Ritton

Clyde Pitcher III

Vincent Cavaleiri

Brian Rock

 Clyde Pitcher, Jr.

Richard Redmond

Jason Ritton

Joe Ritton

Kevin Ritton

Charles Effner

Thomas Gouveia

Dominic Love

Ron Zdeb

Adam Feil

Mike Kein

Jim Feil

Bob Blanchard

Jeremy Wyckoff

William Henn

Steve Rashkow

Fire Commissioners

Lyle Morrison                                     Charles Spencer Jr. (Chairman)

Steve Rashkow (Secretary)             David Mellor (2nd-Chairman)

Clyde Pitcher                                      Teresa Ritton (Treasurer)

Fire Police

Nina Knapp 

Clyde Pitcher, Jr.

Lyle Morrison

Sheila Henn

  Ronald Zdeb

 Clyde Pitcher III

 Jim Corkwell

Teresa Ritton

 Ralph Ritton 

 Kevin Ritton

Ruby Norton


First Responders

Ralph Ritton

Kevin Ritton

Steve Rashkow

Tom Gouveia                           



FD Auxiliary Officers & Members

Terry Thomas - President

Millie Meiser 

Marion Van Etten

 Debbie Ritton  -Treasurer

Mary Lou Platt

Teresa Ritton

 Lauralynn Meiser - Secretary

Janet Ferguson


Department Fleet

WVFD runs 4 primary vehicles:

2511 (E-64) A 1998 Pierce/Freighliner pumper tanker. It has a 1250 GPM pumping capacity with 1000 gal. of water on board. This is our initial attack vehicle.

2512  is a 2014 Pierce/Freightliner pumper.  It has a 360 HP engine in front of an Allison 6 speed automatic transmission.  Unit carries a 1250 GPM pump and has 1000 gallons of water on board.  2512 can transport 5 firefighters to the emergency scene quickly and safely.

2531 (R125) This is our First Responder/Rescue vehicle. It is a 2004 Ford with a body built by VRS Fire Equipment. This is the EMS vehicle, supporting our First Responders.

2513 (E-182) This 1961 International 4WD is used as an off-road water supply vehicle. It would be stationed at a pond or other water site and supply water back to a road for trucks that can't get off the road.

Westford also has a 1952 Chevrolet panel truck that sees very little use. It is in pristine condition and is not used for the fire service any longer, though it could be put back in service at any time. It has been used to transport deceased members during funerals. It is very special to the members of the FD.

Department Stats

The Westford Fire Department covers the entire town of Wesford, which is approximately 21,600 acres, and includes about 514 homes. 

In a typical year WVFD will respond to 60 to 75 calls. The bulk are EMS responses. We are members of a four-department automatic mutual aid agreement. We will respond to emergencies in our neighboring communities 6-10 times a year. There may be an additional 10 responses to weather related emergencies.