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Town of Westford, NY 13488

PO Box 43 Westford, NY 13488 607-638-5165

Town Highway Department

Martin Peeters, Superintendent  607-638-9071

The Westford Highway Department is responsible for all the general maintenance of the Town roads in Westford.  During the winter months, the crew is ready for plowing and ice control.  During the other seasons, work is done on roads, ditches, culverts and, of course, preparation for winter.

Superintendent Martin Peeters coordinates the work for the crew and oversees the Highway Department. 

Town Planning Board (meets the third Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m.)


Lyle Morrison          

(607) 638-9350            

Psalm Wyckoff

Steve Zerby

James Fiel

Town Justice

Michael Fay  (607) 638-9972

Town Zoning Board of Appeals

Alane Strong, Chairman


  Joan Martindale

 Jo Spencer

 Edith Marullo

 Scott Brady

Town Board of Assessment Review

Richi Dee Horne, Chairman       (607)  434-8546

 Mary Fay                                  (607) 638-9972

Terry Clapper                            (607) 286-7030

Dog Control Officer

Joseph A. Marullo, 896 Co. Hwy. 36, Worcester, NY ,12197, (607)638-5431

Town Attorney

Marvin Parshall, P.O. Box 276, Worcester, NY 12197  (607) 397-8062

Health Officer

Amber Wilson, A.O. Fox Hospital (607) 432-2000


Mary Kay Harvard, P.O. Box 171, Westford, NY  13488    (607) 638-9373

Registrar of Vital Statistics

Louisa M. Platt, Registrar (607) 638-5165

Mary Fay, Deputy Registrar (607) 638-9972
The Registrar is responsible for the complete registration of all births, deaths and fetal deaths occuring in the Westford township.